BIS 2022 Agenda – Policy Recommendation Series


The Department of Commerce’ Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is the most important government agency most Americans have never heard of. Responsible for setting export control policies, enforcing treaty compliance and supporting U.S. technological leadership, the BIS plays a key role in maintaining the balance among U.S. innovation, commerce and national security interests.

With Alan Estevez as the Director and Thea Kendler serving as Assistant Secretary for Export Administration, BIS now has leaders with unparalleled national security experience at one of the most critical junctures in the agency’s history.

Because the BIS and the U.S. export control regime will be play in a key role in shaping U.S.-China trade policy—and could very well determine the outcome of the United States’ competition with the PRC—China Tech Threat will introduce a series of policy recommendations for BIS and its leadership to focus and strengthen the agency’s agenda, streamline and improve export control policy, and better ensure U.S. national security interests.

#1 Recommendation

#2 Recommendation

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#4 Recommendation